Astro PSA: Venus and Mars Run Free

Huzzah! Today is a very fine day indeed.

After more than two months, Mars finally goes direct—ending a retrograde that has taught us a lot about our conflicts, management skills, ambitions, desires, and shadows. But this retrograde also been a royal pain in the ass that’s enabled 45 to block a smooth transition of power and broken more than its fair share of teeth, bones, workplqces, and relationships. Mars won’t be back to its normal station til the end of the year, but as soon as this weekend you’re likely to experience smoother negotiations and, uh, sexual healing.

ALSO ALSO ALSO today is Friday the 13th, which according to any cosmology that honors the divine feminine, is a transcendently empowering holiday—Venus Day, essentially. Know that this day has been demonized by the same historical patriarchies that landed 45 on top. So honor rather than fear this beautiful goddess energy, symbolized by the 13 moons in a lunar year. Count your blessings, hatch them for others, and release everything that doesn’t live up to the glorious goddess ethos of truth, love, beauty. Here’s to beautiful change we meet halfway.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy